Just a couple of things to note quickly before I leave this afternoon for Vancouver - teaching for the guild this week. I see on the forecast it will be raining.... well here in Calgary it is sunny but cold and there is still snow on the ground, although it has all been melting...I hope you have received all your stuff with Florentine Fancy Chapter 4 of My Stitching Album, brilliant colours isn't it! Remember to use 2 strands! By stuff I mean the 'Errata' sheet for the first page of the finishing instructions and the Scotch Switch 'Notes' page. I had forgotten it in the last shipment. We are working on Crossed Caper it is at the printer and when I return next Monday from teaching in V. I hope to see a proof. All the thread packs are being made so we are 'on it' as the kids would say! For shops -retailers - we now have our catalog on line for ease of ordering. If you sign in then I can go in and approve you, then giving you access to the full catalog. I hope this works out, I needed to print catalogs again and so my webmaster and I decided that this might work out for us. Give it a try let us know how it goes. I am off this week with teaching for the Vancouver guild so if I do not return your email or 'approve' you in the 'zen cart' within the day - that is why! Will attend to all things upon return next Monday. Enjoy your week!