MSA Chapter 4 Florentine Fancy


Florentine Fancy We are working on getting the Chapter 4 shipment ready to go. It has been busy with working on the all the accounting from a very good Nashville needlework show and getting the patterns bagged etc.  The weather was lovely and getting to meet old and new friends again  it was a great weekend. We will be ready to ship starting on Monday Feb. 23. So look for Florentine Fancy to come soon.

The pocket item for this page is a leather scissors sheath with the JD initials on it. It is done in a warm brown and will match the Premax scissors from Norden or Wichelt. PX 1148 Flower scissors.  I have seen 2 MSA projects of note- done up to and including Scotch Switch (yes, they are keeping up!) - one done on black fabric with some colour changes and one done on 40ct Lt Examplar using the colour palette given -it is absolutely stunning. If you have not chosen fabric yet and are a 40ct person, you must do this!