Welcome to Jeannette Douglas Designs

Welcome to Jeannette Douglas Designs, a counted thread needlework design company. If you love cross stitch, and beyond, this is the place for you! Take some time to browse all of the unique designs and enjoy.  All of the patterns to complete your own stitched pieces are available at your local needlework shop (LNS). Many JDD patterns also have an embellishment package available, which includes those sometimes hard to find items needed to complete your stitching and give it that special touch. You'll also find on the site Jeannette's event itinerary. Listed there are opportunities to spend a lovely few days stitching with friends, as well as to meet with Jeannette. You're bound to learn something new, or just brush up on some stitching techniques. So, come, spend some time on the site, and learn about all the wonderful treasures you'll find at Jeannette Douglas Designs!

Harvest Market Hop 2017 -JDD New Releases- please check the blog post today- Sept. 7th 2017 for photos and full details    http://www.jeannettedouglas.ca/blog/

Check the Harvest Market Hop website for full fall show vendor sell sheets with photos and pricing. http://fallmarketharvesthop.com/

Celebrate Canada's 150th with Jeannette Douglas!


Join us now in celebrating Canada’s 150th year with a pattern for each month of 2017. They will be released every second month as 1 chart with 2 patterns in it.

Canadian Patriotic Snippets # 11 & 12

Canadian Patriotic Snippets # 11 & 12

It may be done as a simple pillow to gift to a friend, a bowl of patriotism or a framed piece all done together.

It may be purchased in several ways, just the charts as they come out or in a festive Canadian themed box with all the threads, fabric, and all charts (but charts #1 &2 only are in the box at this point, you get to add the rest as they are released throughout the year) and needle ready to stitch.

January 3, 2017 - Getting things packed for shipping the Canadian Patriotic Snippets beginnings #1 & #2

February 24, 2017 update - # 3 & 4 have shipped to your LNS.

April 5, 2017 we will be shipping #5 & 6 to shops across Canada. Check the Designs page for the pictures of each set of snippets.

May 17, 2017 we shipped # 7 & 8 to your LNS. 

July 5,2017 Canadian Patriotic Snippets # 9 & 10 were shipped to your LNS. Please note the error on Snippet #10 the symbol on the heart reads Onyx and it is actually Oatmeal.

August 14th & 16th Canadian Snippets #11 & 12 were shipped to your LNS. Thus ends our wonderful little Patriotic stitching this year. Thank you for joining in! Enjoy the little chart included with # 11& 12 as a gift from JDD for supporting this from the heart project.

Click here to download the Canadian Patriotic Sampler Layout

Click here to download the Canadian Patriotic Pincushion Layout

Click here to download options if stitching on Aida or if you choose to not stitch over 1 fabric thread


We are also releasing Vimy Ridge a sampler commemorating the battle in France that has become the symbol of Canadian national achievement and sacrifice. Next year is 100 years on April 9 that this occurred and a stitcher- Lorraine Clark asked if I would do something to commemorate it. And thus we have the Vimy Ridge Sampler. It has in the usual JDD style, some words on why I used what I did in the rows and of course the stitch diagrams for the stitches. There is a silk embellishment pack available.


Craftsy Course

In August 2015, I was so pleased and excited to announce that I had signed up to become an instructor on Craftsy! Click the photo on the left to my course page, where you can view the trailer for the course, see the lesson plan, and sign up!