What is the Jeannette Douglas trunk show and how can I book one?

They travel with us but don’t need a seat or any food… just an audience. We have a special trunk with framed models of our designs that is available for showings by shop owners and special events. Please contact us for more information.

Our trunk show is out at several different shops throughout the year, but when it is not booked for a special event you can view it at The Silver Needle in Tulsa, OK


How do I book Jeannette for an event in my area?

Jeannette Douglas Designs loves to travel. If you have an idea for an event at your local shop, give us a call and we can chat about the details. To see where we are headed next, visit our Events page.


I have the perfect shop to sell your designs. How do I order them?

Great! We are always expanding our network of retailers. The best thing to do is call us or email your information and we will contact you to chat about the details. We give our wholehearted support to all local needlework shops as they truly are indispensable to us. It is how many of us learned to stitch or got to see the treats that are available to us stitchers. You can also contact one of our distributors and order our designs directly from them.

Our designs are available through the following distributors:

    ▪    Hoffman Distributing Company, Inc.

    ▪    Norden Crafts Ltd.


I love to stitch ! Can I buy your designs online?

Jeannette Douglas Designs are only available to the general public from specialty needlework shops throughout North America and internationally in the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Australia locations. You can browse our online catalog for our latest designs. Not all retailers carry all of our designs. If you are looking for an older pattern, please contact us.