I am back from teaching in Vancouver and what a lovely week. The Vancouver guild were lovely hosts and we all enjoyed some wonderful stitching and sharing times. Well renovations are on their way. I am making a bigger space for the office, it has been crowded and we were busting out of the room. Now that my daughters have both been in bedrooms in the basement for the past few years, I have fully taken over both bedrooms on the main floor and we will make one big 'real' office space. I am so looking forward to that. At the moment I am in the living room! The rooms are gutted and we will make shelving etc. so I should be more organized when we are done! For any of you that did not want to put your initials on every page of My Stitching Album --I am posting an alternative for that row on the 4 that have been released already and Crossed Caper which is coming soon..... my stitcher has stitched the initial row with motifs from the pattern just arranged to fill in where the initials were. The colour pictures will help you and you can choose to do this if you like.

I hear many of you were stuck on Mosaic but were delighted to go on to Milanese and Scotch which went much faster. For sure Mosaic was such a tiny stitch and took alot of stitching to cover but what great detail. Enjoy the stitches and enjoy the colour in Florentine and then Crossed Caper which will be coming up soon! They both are very dynamic in colour and it is fun to see the colour play out.