Spring Activities

It is very foggy outside, they say it will be warm today, the warmest spot in Canada, but when you see the frost on the trees still, one wonders. I do hope the good weather stays as I am driving to Washington state tomorrow for the event with the Spokane Falls Needlework Guild. It is the only event outside of Canada that I can drive to, or actually is easier to drive than fly as to get there I would have to either go all the way via Seattle or Denver. Suffice it to say I have loaded up the ipod with lots of music, even a book. It sure helps to keep you company for the long drive. I hope you are all enjoying some of the new patterns and I am working on Summer and Winter Biscornu Stackers while you are stitching Spring and Autumn! I should be able to have them out for June, between all the events planned this spring. I will also release the Once Upon Tree Sampler that they were inspired from.

We are down to our last 10 units of the first four pages of the Album. If you were considering doing this project.... well now would be the time!

I just have to tell you because you know of my surgeries of the last few months and guess what! I walk about 5k (3 miles) about 4 times a week. It is amazing to me! What a blessing to be able to walk and enjoy spring in it's coming glory and feel so alive with these new knees. It is a miracle.

Hope you got a chance to look at The Gift of Stitching magazine and the project we did for them featured on the cover. Look for more magazine treats to come this year!

Well, I had better get the suitcase out and pack my things and check off my list. Spokane Falls stitchers I look forward to seeing you all on the weekend!! I'm sure we will have fun and we will do some great stitching.

Fondly, jeannette