Another wonderful time

How to express my thoughts on what a wonderful time I had in Spokane at the Spokane Falls Needlework Guild. Each and everyone of you made my experience all the richer, it was a truly delightful time. Thank you to all who came and took part in the class, we had fun and learned along the way! Just how it should be. Your generosity of gifts overwhelmed me as you know but I love everyone of them, in fact I am drinking Barb's tea right now!  I even snuck a visit into Brenda and Terri's shop - Haberdashery ( it was marvelous). I drove down in sunshine but drove home through the mountains in rain, at least no snow, but I had my trusty ipod with lots of great music. Safe and Sound. Tomorrow I get to have fun all over again in Portland at Acorns and Threads. I love Portland and love the stitching gals that I have met there and look forward to seeing some familiar faces. The great part in doing some classes here on the west side of the continent means a direct flight! oh yay! These days it seems that most flights are connectors and one is always stepping on and off the airplane, a direct flight is a treat and with the time change about the time and bit I leave here; I get there!

I am working on Summer and Winter Biscornu Stackers and getting Once Upon a Tree ready for general publication. I am also working on some projects for Just Cross Stitch and Antique Sampler and Needlework Quartley.  And of course my fall classes and some fall releases.  You will see on the events page that I have added an event. It was an absolute treat to meet Tina and Teri  of Shepherd's Bush last year at Dyeing to Stitch's retreat and we really felt a connection and kindred spirits we are. So it is with pleasure that we can continue to share in our love of stitching by doing an event in Utah. We have just put the finishing touches on the spring classes, just the printing to do, covers made in photoshop, all the written stitching and finishing instructions.... just some last  minute editing.

Again I am off to pack.... the dog misses me so... she cries when I come home. I dread when I leave for Celebrations as I will be gone close to 4 weeks. I will be in New Hampshire for 5 days then on to Montreal for 3 days and then the Toronto /Niagara area for teaching and visiting  for the rest. My 2 sisters live there and my niece is getting married so we will enjoy some family time.

Again my sincere thanks to the Spokane Falls gals  for all their wonderful gifts, you sure didn't have to but I am enjoying them!