A look to Spring!

Feels wonderful to say the word Spring, and with a capital letter yet too! I love it when the days get longer and the sun gets stronger and it just feels freeing or something like that. The event at Cincinnati Queen City Sampler Guild was terrific. We were able to miss the snow storms and have beautiful sunny days in a great classroom setting that made for 2 wonderful days. We had lots of fun and enjoyed meeting each other and stitching together. I have now added to my border story of a few years ago with a new chapter of crossing the border. I forgot to tell them of my wanderings in the Dakota hills, you didn't know there were hills did you, just prairie you think, well we found them, my friend and I, but that is for another time.

Nashville Needlework market was just great. To be at a much newer hotel and a larger foyer to hold the visiting times in the evening and a more open bar was a nice change - you know that my husband had to watch the US/Canada hockey game, the first one  -the one that we didn't win, in the lounge at Embassy Suites in the US - too bad eh!

Look under the Design heading and you should find all the new things. Once they are there for a bit, I will move them to their respective series placements. I should have had those Vancouver Olympic Game Canadian mittens for sale!!

As you can see the next place for an event is Spokane, how nice to go back to some familiar faces and share in our love of stitching. I look so forward to seeing you all.

The other thing that I meant to tell you earlier is to look for the design - "An Anniversary Sampler"  in The Gift of Stitching Magazine that I did for the 50th Issue Celebration. I think they are doing a special so have a look - you can trial it for free the month of March.  It has the thread winder on the piece as memorabila but I have put an alphabet and a small design to stitch in the middle for a memory/celebration of your own. As my friend said to me- you are now a 'cover girl' Jeannette! Imagine!

I have had an email from a stitcher in England finishing the MSA into a fold out. Have a look below. What a treat! Thank you Marjorie!!  Remember if any of you want to share just send them and we can add your wonderful Album also.