New for June

Well it has been raining and raining.... good for working, but where is my summer? Nevermind, I am getting lots done, yahoo! Yes, it is almost Calgary Stampede time. Not that I even go that much anymore. Used to take the kids etc. well now they take themselves... but it always makes the city a livelier place. On to my new projects for release. We are opening for general release "Once Upon A Tree" the popular pattern first designed for Just Cross Stitch Magazine that started in 2008. As usual it has an embellishment package available for it that has all the silk threads and beads used in the piece; skeined per season. There are 4 skeins - one for each season and then the beads are labelled.

To finish off the series of biscornus started in February we now have Summer Biscornu Stackers and Winter Biscornu Stackers. Summer comes with the buttons and one length of overdyed silk and Winter comes with the buttons. They both use DMC floss as did Spring and Autumn. They are such fun to look at, I have them in my office where I can see them readily and enjoy - it is summer right!

I am hoping to work on the website with some more pictures, some corrections to a few things and generally try to make sure the patterns and embellishments that go with each other are the right ones! This is my wish to do over summer along with continuing to design for all my projects next year and events. I hope that you all have a lovely summer and get some vacation in and enjoy family and friends.