Ahh... home!

Well what do they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? I did miss my family and my dog Cleo, what a greeting I got when I returned, never did a tail wag so hard. My family did come to meet me in Ontario for my niece's wedding and we had a lovely time with extended family. I even got away for  a few days with my friends from childhood to Stratford - saw a play, took pictures on the Avon etc. it was great, all the spring flowers in full bloom. But I have to tell you about the 'Lima' boys! What can that be you say! Well to get to Celebrations in Nashau, NH it is an all day affair with the airlines, and of course on the day I left Calgary the rain went to snow and our plane was late leaving then we had to get de-iced and so that made me miss my connection to Manchester, NH in Toronto so along with 2 young fellow who were travelling to Lima we got stranded in Toronto for the night.Now it is not what you think, we only had a drink and dinner! On a full plane out of Calgary all other passengers could get connectors that afternoon on later flight except for me and the boys from Lima, as I came to call them. It made for much more fun than a dreary evening in the hotel room waiting to leave the next day.

The gals who got me for class at Celebrations a mere hour after arriving in Nashau had a bit of a surprise as I was rather wound up but I did settle down and thank you girls for not making me feel so bad about my first 1/2 hour rant! I got it out and on we went with a lovely Thistle lavender bag class. How wonderful to see you all at Celebrations, it is so nice now that I am getting to know some of you by name and face! I love that. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and lovely visits in between all the busyiness of the show.

In Montreal with the Lakeshore Stitchery Guild we enjoyed our luncheon immensely and what a great little place - they let us visit all afternoon. A view of the Lake of Two Mountains (lac des Deux Montagnes) and a beautiful day was a treat. On my flight out of Montreal to Toronto I have to tell you - those of you who watch Hockey Night in Canada will know - I talked/met at baggage claim and walked out of the baggage area to the main arrival level in Toronto with Ron Maclean and Don Cherry!! Imagine! It was great, I was hoping I wouldn't make a fool of myself, but I did tell them that I stitch while my husband watches hockey, and they both said "STITCHING?" and were probably disappointed they weren't the main event!

Once in Toronto I taught for the Niagara Guild in St. Catharines, my home town where I went to high school and once again had a surprise when I went to Fort George;  working in the kitchen circa 1812 was a highschool friend who I hadn't seen in many, many years, well since grad, and she recognized me right away and called me by my maiden name - very cool! The stitchers in Niagara were awesome and we had a wonderful time sharing and stitching together for 2 days - it went by all too quickly, it ended rather abruptly when the power went out but we were almost done the second day anyway.

As you can see it was a fun filled month and some exciting things making for good stories. Now I have to be back on the designing board and get some of my projects for the end of this year and next year started and done! Look for fun things to come, look for me at an event to come, you know I love meeting you so make sure you come and say Hi!

As ever, jeannette