Celebration of Needlework and Niagara Guild event

Yes, it is that time again to go off to the other side of the country. It will take all day to get to New Hampshire and I am so sorry that I will miss most of Meet and Greet but somehow flights and timing of all this just didn't work out quite right. To that;  please do come and see the projects at the main table and hope to see you in class in Nashau.Even though it seems so busy at Celebration please don't hesitate to approach me - I only seem to know some of you by your email address, I would love to put a name to your face and definitely look forward to seeing familiar faces. From there I will fly to Montreal and we will have a lovely luncheon with the Lakeshore Creative Stitchery Guild on the Monday. Please let Heather know if you will be attending. I look forward to seeing the Quebec stitchers; our time at  Manoir d'Youville was terrific just a few short years ago. I hope the weather is as lovely as it was then. The beautiful weeping willows across the water still hold bright in my memory.

Then it is down to the Niagara area where I grew up and see  familiar faces there too. What a blessing it is to be able to come back to places and share of our love of stitching and share in teaching and helping each other grow in our fervent interest of stitching. I hope that at each event we can learn and grow in our abilities as it gives us such pleasure and also it is such a fun social time. When I worked in nursing there was never very many people  interested in stitching as I was - although one of the psychiatrists I worked with was and we would huddle in the staff room and ooo.. and ah... over what each other was working on, what fun. Now that I am more immersed in it - I certainly don't feel so alone with my passion and if you ever thought of taking a class or come to an event I can only say - you are missing out if you don't go!

I am using the Mandala Sampler to create a couple of fun things, one of them is a tart pan pincushion which turned out really cute and Pam from Olde Colonial says she will have a frame for me for the other Mandala.

The round circle patterns just lend themselves to some fun things, I am stitching the over one - one right now in another different colour and it should be cool I think as a pin wheelie - I have a few other Mandala patterns that might be fun too... we shall see, it seems like for the fun stuff I run out of time! See I am doing it last minute before I leave.

Enjoy! think of other fun stuff and we shall see you soon at an event!

In stitching,