Cool July

I know that most of the rest of the continent has had hot hot weather but here in the foothills of the Rockies in the city it has been cool. No complaining mind you as I said before good for working, getting lots done, which is awesome! Then I can take a week in August and enjoy my week off! I have several things to post for you, one is huge! Diana Sheppard has finished her book and she has sent me photographs of the finished thing which I will load up here.

She has done just a terrific job and used the Album to it's potential! She has also given me permission to post her notes! Diana Sheppard Background Notes (PDF) »

I have also received some lovely pictures from Dana Spernal. Just a treat to see some of these pieces that are my favourites done by stitchers. I love it! Here are her pictures too.

My Stitching Treasures a perennial favourite, Take Time to Read - my most favourite thing to do besides stitching, and Mandala Sampler - a truly wonderful stitch for modern times. I most tell you I also took the photo of my shot of Mandala Sampler and put it to canvas, oh my gosh it is just grand. I put it on 16 x 16 and now it hangs in my living room, it looks just like I stitched it just bigger. Seeing has how my samples are always on the road I needed my picture for my wall and now I have one!

I have also received lovely pictures of a new piece that Pam of Olde Colonial Designs and I have taught at a few places. We will be releasing this at Nashville next February so look for it to come, I know some of you have been asking! I won't post those pictures till February!

Love that you are sending pictures and I will get better at inserting images into the posts and adding to the 'zen cart' and all these computer things that are always a huge learning curve for me!

We were in southern AB last weekend and I have to show the canola fields - they are beautiful!

Have a great few weeks ahead -I will post the new pattern in a month - Take time for Friends, the match to Friendship Sweet Bag! Look for it to come.