Needlework Market- New 2014


The Common Thread Sampler Stitcher's Needlebook

Take Time to Stitch 2014

Take Time for Love

A most Suitable Name - Button Betty

A most Suitable Name - Humble Hilda

A most Suitable Name - Wool Willi

Patterned Pretties #1

Patterned Pretties #2

Patterned Pretties #3

Patterned Pretties #4

Patterned Pretties #5

Patterned Pretties #6

Thank you blue Gift Tag

Thank you purple Gift Tag

With Love Gift Tag red

With Love Gift Tag merlot

Homemade Gift Tag

For You Gift Tag

Waist Bags

Covered Buttons

And here we are another market done, what a treat it is, I love going.

I will go through and list out the new product - fun right!

As I mentioned last week, it is JDD 15th Anniversary and to that we have a special treat. A new updated Take Time to Stitch a la 2014 - shops check out the special on the other Take time patterns in the series. In addition to a new Take Time to Stitch, there is Take Time for Love. I had wanted to get it out in January but it just got pushed into Nashville with the timing.  These as always have a thread pack and are such a quick stitch, nice addtion to your stitch room/area.

The Common Thread Sampler - many of you will recognize this beauty if I came to your city in the last 5 years to teach it! I loved this sampler and felt that it really needed to come off my shelf and get 'out there'. It has some lovely different stitches in it, from Ukranian White Work to Bargello and beyond. Again there is a thread pack which includes beads and charms like The Four Seasons Sampler. I had such fun with it that I made a lovely needlebook -Stitcher's Needlebook- using some of my favourite items from the  sampler for it. On the inside I used lovely Weeks Dye Works wool and did some free embroidery on the wool to embellish it. It also has a thread pack available. These will both be available at the distributor, the wool pack is only available through JDD  as this is a separate item and done especially for this pattern.

Some cute additions to the 'A most suitable Name Series' in Button Betty, Humble Hilda and Wool Willi. My sisters name is Willi and she is named after our grandmother on my mother's side with that very dutch name of Wilhelmina, Willi is much easier to say and spell. I am stitching Nimble Netty (which is me from my grandmother on my father's side) on 40 ct and loving the colours and detail.

Then we have some just through JDD items - they will be available through Jeannette Douglas Designs, but not at the distributor. First - Patterned Pretties - this is a set of 6 patterned pyn pillows that were an absolute blast to stitch, I didn't want to stop once I started, my tenacity even surprised me. You may purchase or all six, each one is a different pattern, and a different stitch and different colours. The pattern comes with thread and the piece of wool backing to match. Second -Gift Tags - this is also 6 different patterns with different sayings to put on a gift tag; each with the threads to stitch it and the button in the pattern- a brown wood board from Images Stitchery Designs- I used nun's stitching for the edge, then trimmed and put iron on interfacing on the back, and with double sided tape placed it on  the board- simple and easy. Third -Waist Bags- this is a set of three patterns in the Numero style - it includes one handmade bag in with the pattern. Fourth -Covered Buttons -these are 3 patterns in one leaflet for a button form, I have been wanting to do something with the button form for ages.... I just love the idea I guess. This was a fun little project and I have to thank Cathe Ray at Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, CA for helping me decide which size buttons etc. Thanks Cathe! The covered buttons will be a limited number- the Waist bags may have a wait time to get a reorder on the hand made bags.

And that would be it! Enjoy!