Ready for market!


I'm excited to show you the new designs but it will have to wait a few days just yet! I just hope the weather cooperates.... it's been quite cold this past week in Calgary but the good - over freezing temps- start tomorrow so it is looking good for flying to Nashville Needlework market early Thursday morning. My daughter is coming over to take care of our aging Cleo. She turned 14 in Dec. and still on our walk her little head bobs like crazy she loves those walks, me not so much, when it is -20C. I don't mind anything above -5C. but once it goes below that I am not in, but out we go for the dog!  Now that she has lost her hearing it is imperative to sniff every spot on Coach Bluff Cres. to check out the new dogs that moved in a few doors down! I will have some pretty fun things for you  to enjoy, hope you check it out come Monday or Tuesday when I post them once I return from Nashville. Mind you the shops that come are pretty awesome about posting new and getting that info to you. I love surprises so it is great to have the market venue to do the WOW surprise to shop owners, it makes such an impact when you have the model there to see 'for real' and then see the product- the leaflet, the threads and baubles etc.

There will be a special for this year as it is JDD's 15th Anniversary. Can you believe it! I actually produced the first sampler in 1998 but did not sell it till 1999 so that is the year I am going with! I can hardly imagine that I would be at this position 15 years later. Thank you to the industry for your support and enthusiasm in my designs and I hope to continue to share my passion of counted thread needlework.

In just under month I will be in Florida at Needlecraft World for a lovely weekend event. It's been fun working in a very different colour palette for me! I think she is almost full but check with .  When it has been so cold this past week and I sat here at the computer doing all the deatils for Nashville.... with my heavy wool socks on, my little scarf that my friend knitted for me just for those really cold days.... the trip to somewhere sunny and south was a warming thought. Looking forward to seeing all you ladies!! Bring your favourite needles and scissors and stretcher bars, Qsnaps etc. and lighting, and you are set! We will supply the rest.

Then as I still haven't updated the events page.... yes, I am doing the event at Nashua, NH -Celebrations and will have a booth and will be doing 2 classes there! Check it out, it is an awesome event if you've never been, do try it. It is exciting and so inspiring!

So that brings me to go draft up the new post for next week..... come back and check out the Nashville new!

As ever, Jeannette