January 2013

Well somehow I could have thought something more creative for a title, but really I am always doing these things on the fly and nothing comes quick under pressure, for me anyway.... new Canada Postal rates, so updated the Pitney Bowes machine so I could mail! Answered a pile of emails.... opened up Photoshop-trying to get my covers done for Nashville, most of the documents are done, but I get ants in my pants from sitting too long writing instructions, I think it is the worst part of the job, writing..... and making sure we have all the 'stuff' to make those great little thread packs with the patterns.... so then it is did we order from here and there etc..... hoping the border services agency doesn't hold on to things too long. Poor Wilma; her spreadsheet making ability is sorely tested at around January for dealing with all the new stuff..... oh yes and then make the 4 x 4 sheets that go in the thread  packs.... are you able to separate the threads okay? ...... phone the photographer to get that good picture .....okay see my brain is flitting about...... maybe that's what happens in your fifties! Just thought I'd let you know what I'm up to.... come and see the new patterns soon.... fun...!