A Lovely Christmas walk with the dog


I just have to tell you that my walk with the dog last night was lovely. It had been a busy day, doing inventory with Wilma and Kathy and then a quick run out to do my work out routine and then late in the evening Cleo let me know with those teddy bear brown eyes that I had not taken her for her walk yet! Feeling rather that I wanted to put in a few stitches and have a cup of tea, than go out in the cold and snow, I sort of begrudgingly decided to put on my boots much to her delight. Off we set, me with my ear muffs on - ones I received from my daughter that despite loosing just about every pair of mittens I have ever had - I haven't lost these ear muffs - and my cozy coat.

Cleo set a rather fast pace and I was hard pressed to keep up. I seem to have my face to my feet in this weather and when she suddenly came to a stop, I glanced up and to my delight; just a few houses away from our house, were 3 deer on the lawn grazing at the mountain ash tree in my neighbor's front yard. They calmly watched us and we made a little detour to not disturb them and what with the twinkling Christmas lights on the street and the snow covered lawns, it was a true Christmas scene before my eyes. They kept their eyes on us but didn't move, their ears twitching but I guess those red berries were just too good to leave. To put the final touch to the picture there were 2 white coated hares munching away on a piece of grass free of snow. I thoroughly enjoyed my view and Cleo was just perplexed by the deer and wanted to run after the rabbits! What a wonderful surprise at the end of a busy day. So glad she made me get out and go!

I am in the midst of doing year end bookeeping and next year's designing..... wow, lots of new things!! Look for some terrific new pieces for the Nashville Needlework Market. I am doing just a little class for the shop owners, a fun 'tag' trio piece that I so enjoyed stitching.I think I have posted most events for the the first half of the year and the fall items should be up soon. Check out the piece for Stitcher's Hideaway on Sue's website for the retreat in July - it is very Americana, well patriotic really.That red, white and blue was great but a challenge to work with.

Prior to Nashville I will be at Needle In A Haystack event on February 23,24 - come and join us in lovely CA. And then April we will be Hangin' Loose in Hawaii.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013! Hope to see you at an event soon.

Warm wishes, Jeannette

PS the picture is off my back deck earlier in December