A New Look

Yes! a new look for the website. I am thrilled to say Veronique from Evoque Designs worked her magic to revise our website as it had just given us some problems the last couple of years. To add new products and events wasn't as easy as it should be, so V. hooked me up to this and WOW she has done a fabulous job! Thanks V. As you can see the tabs are at the top to move you to the different pages; but right on the front page you can see what is new, and go to a category right away. Otherwise you can go to the design page and the different categories will come up. But alternately you can sort by most recent or alphabetically. It does give you an option of sort by price but that is actually not connected. I encourage you to shop at your local needlework shop - all my designs are available through 3 distributors. Again having said that if you are having difficulty getting a certain item please don't hesitate to ask for anything you are interested in.

I love how the EVENTS page has an actual calender! That makes it very easy to see where in the month the event actually is. I love the BUY page as it has the shop spots pop up on a map. Aren't we a visual bunch!

You can see me on facebook and pinterest also. How fun is that! I always say I am going to post more or do more with blogging, but..... I just run out of time. But maybe now that it is an easier set up, it all might go smoothly and be great! In the meantime look around the new website and enjoy!