A lovely Canadian Thanksgiving

It was a lovely weekend indeed. My niece had all of us Douglas’ over for a wonderful time with family. We always look forward to catching up with each other. I finally felt recuperated somewhat from the week of festivities in Utah! The theme for the Shepherd’s Bush retreat was Christmas, so I can say festivities with gusto and mean it. By now you have seen some pretty scary pictures of me on facebook! ack! either in total concentration because I did not want to make a mistake at the till with Tina or like a crazy woman showing the design for the retreat at the big reveal on Thursday Sept 27. Haha… I laughed at them. And then that Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers took the most amazing pictures and then one of me photo bombing her shot! Check out her blog – she wrote a great overview and super pictures of our time in Utah - http://plumstreetsamplers.typepad.com/ what a treat to spend some time with Paulette, we both enjoyed every minute. So I feel I don’t need to repeat her great rendition on her blog! Thanks Paulette. Another wonderful blog on the retreat is from Bonny Woomer - http://thenebbyneedle.blogspot.ca/ – she is a new designer on the block, doing some lovely things and she did a super write up of the retreat also. Thanks Bonny! I am afraid there is not much from me…. I came home last Monday and have been working tons on my further events for October – this weekend at Camp Chief Hector out in the mountains for Stitching Corner here locally and then next weekend in Portland for Acorns and Threads.

I just have to say that spending time with fellow designers is terrific. Sometimes I feel in a bubble all wrapped up in my own concerns, so it is so nice to share. I had some great times with Pat and Ann from R& R Reproductions, I always say I want to repin everything they do on pinterest so you know from that – that you like the same things…. it’s nice and comfy that way. It was so great to get to know Linda  Lautenschlager  of Chessie and Me- I had to go check her website to see how to spell her last name and good grief, she has a great blog on the retreat too! Okay I feel totally bad that I didn’t take pictures and do a story, but here is her’s too, check it out too – http://chessieandme.blogspot.ca/ – this way you can see them all and enjoy a variety – that’s my excuse…… Thanks Linda, we had fun and you forgave me for that first day where I kept calling you “Chessie” instead of Linda….. I totally kept doing it too!  What can I say about that “Charland’ but that she is the best. I hope you read my little JCS story with the ornament because it is about Charland! Charland always brings her fabulous sense of humour and I love it. It was Ann’s birthday at the beginning of retreat and Sydney of Charland Designs at the end so we had birthday festivities too! Cece of The Thread Gatherer did a wonderful project for one of the evenings at retreat and I am always amazed at her talent. She can do so many things and be good at them all! Tina and Teri – well they do put on an awesome retreat. It is an event!! and amidst all that planning and fun stuff for retreat a great sampler design yet too.

As I look to the next events on my calender I can only say “WOW” what an awesome 2013 we will have!! Look for it to come on the events page soon, and yes we are working on the website….. renewal coming up soon. I need to firm a couple of dates yet for next year and then I can post that. But of course the Hawaiian cruise is set – April 6th 2013 – see pdf on front page of the website.

Well Calgary and area ladies, looking forward to seeing you on the weekend! Hope the weather gets nicer…. and Portland ladies, I am thrilled to come again, and you are going to love the project!! It turned out great and we have some nice surprises for you!

See you soon, Jeannette