New Releases for Fall 2012

Well in Calgary there is a distinct crispness in the air especially in the morning. I bought a couple of big mums to put out at the front door, I love those! I took a picture with my phone and maybe I will post a picture of those beauties. New releases this fall include the following:

In the ‘STITCHES’ series we have Pumpkin Stitches, with some absolutely lovely oranges, that was a challenge for me who hardly ever uses orange, lots of reds but not necessarily orange. It was fun. It has a thread pack available with the great handpainted pumpkin charm. Also in the ‘STITCHES’ series is Apple Stitches, what is fall but a wonderful fresh apple. Again also a thread pack with this pattern, but no charm funnily enough, it just didn’t seem to need it with those big apples in it.

I have to tell you, I designed this next piece called “Christmas Sampler’ on white fabric, I had so much fun and enjoyed the colour palette, but it also called to me in the more natural, primitive colours, so yes, I did it both ways. In the chart is White Winter and Au Naturale – both charts in one leaflet, just the thread pack is packaged either one way or the other, so depending on what you want to stitch you can get the white glitzy number… or the primitive au naturale stlye. Nearly all the motifs were the same but one, it is just the colour changes that make the difference!

Then of course, we have had so much fun with the pincushions, that yes with the help from Just Another Button Company we did Hallowe’en Quaker Pincushions and Christmas Quaker Pincushions. I designed one pincushion like the original and the others are different quaker motifs again to make these. The finishing remains the same the WDW Wool Fabric and JABC has packaged up the buttons and pins in a button/pin pack in whatever colour you might want! It is awesome.

In a couple of weeks I am off to Ogden, UT to go to the Shepherd’s Bush event, what a treat to be invited again to this wonderful retreat in Park City. I hope that I get to meet you again or for the first time and look forward to seeing you all. And you know that I had fun with the theme for the event and have some great smalls to go with it! It’s going to be great!!

Then come mid October off to the west coast I go…. to Portland, OR – Acorns and Threads – and you who signed up with no idea of what I was doing…. I love you! you made my day! I look forward to seeing you and sharing in our wonderful passion for needlework.

Just a quick note on the Just Cross Stitch Issue of Sept./Oct. that has Pumpkin Sampler in it – I do have thread packs for this design available, just email me at or

May your autumn be filled with colourful events just like the season!