Nashville - new- coming up soon.

Well it is all packed and shipped for the Needlework show in Nashville next weekend! Yay! I ran out of tape, and ran out of energy by the end. But it is all sent and out the door, always a good feeling. Tomorrow I am off to the event at Needle In a Haystack in Alameda, CA - it will be a nice temperature change. We have actually had not a bad January and February but it was cold these past few days, so I am ready for a warm up. After the event and fun stuff in Alameda I will be off to see my long time friend in LA, looking forward to that. Then from LA to the needlework show, so you can see I had to be organized. I will post all the new stuff upon return, I love a surprise so surprise it is for shops that attend the show. It is always a treat to see everyone and I look forward to the shops sharing the new goods with you! Enjoy.