And off to New York and New Jersey!

Yes, can you believe it, I really did just come back from New Brunswick and here were are leaving again, it was a fast 4 days at home. And yes, spring has finally arrived in Calgary, we were all despairing that it would never come. It has been a long cold winter.It was just truly great in Sackville, New Brunswick at Mount Allison University for the EAC Seminar. I met just the best ladies, we had 4 fun and learning filled days of stitching. I love how the classes pan out and we all learn from each other. I had a day on Prince Edward Island and got to sit in the garden at Anne of Green Gables! Now I am off tomorrow to teach at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch and wow what a project that we will work on, I am very excited to show them. No hints! But I love it and it is very dear to my heart. Then next weekend I will be at Golden Thread Needlearts and another wow project - okay maybe one hint, I totally love this one too, it has my love of fonts/alphabets in it! I am working my fall classes..... and on the other pieces that will add into the Garden Secrets series that started with One Key, Two Tulips at Nashville, then One Bird and Three Bees in April, and now we will have 5 more in the next months to come in the Spring/Summer type feel for a total of 9. The ones that were seen in the Needlework Retailer ad - Three Poppies and One Acorn have a fall/autumn feel, so I decided to make it 2 sets of Garden Secrets as the colour choices just lended themselves to a seasonal theme. Happy stitching, jeannette