Ahhh home...


Hope you are all enjoying some lovely weather and getting a few stitches done outside. I got to enjoy a great weekend with my family – my daughters and husband and of course Cleo. We enjoyed every minute as the weather was great which always helps. The picture is of us girls on the streetcar railway behind the 1891 CPR train museum in Edmonton where my one daughter works. The other daughter graduated from University this past month and we are proud of her accomplishments. The other picture is of the girls and my husband standing at the Alberta Legislature Buildings.

I have finished 2 more of the Garden Secrets series and they are at the framer so.... soon we will release them. We just need to do the cover!! Coming this month.

I am madly working on my fall classes some are done; some are in transition; and some are NOT! But we are well on the way and things seem to be falling into place for everything. The designs are coming together better than expected, but I suppose I percolated so long that I had time to sort it out in my head, so then it was just a matter of getting time on the computer to generate the drawings from the sketches and research already done!

I have to tell you that my trip to Where Victoria's Angels Stitch in New Jersey was terrific, the class was thrilled with the piece and my something 'extra' - well.... what can say but-  that I loved that they loved it as much as I did! Dale, my husband was able to get away from his work and come out to NYC and toodle about after teaching which was just super. Despite pouring rain at times we had just a great time.

Okay so I love flower pictures.... I know, they are my favourite... I think I need a new camera just for taking flower pictures! ha!

After having a bit of a difficult day on the Friday getting out of NYC to fly upstate NY to Rochester, yes my flight was cancelled and I had to fly to Buffalo and then of course that was midnight by the time I got there and then it was that the luggage still went to Rochester, arg! But even after a fitful start we had 2 lovely days in Rochester at Golden Thread Needlearts, the place to hold the event in was terrific, the chairs for the stitchers the most comfortable ever!

My sister came to pick me up in Buffalo as both sisters live just over the Niagara River on the Canadian side and I had a  few days with my family in Ontario, it was great. We went up to the Lilac gardens in Hamilton, wow so many different lilacs, I never knew!

So now we are looking at the fall, I am unable to do Baltimore - due to a late change to this venue from St. Charles we had the JDD Alaskan Cruise already booked and I felt it was a bit much to run out to Baltimore prior to the cruise.

I will be going to St. Charles in September but to teach for Celebrations, seeing how I had already sorted myself to go there I thought I may as well go,  just in a different capacity. If you have ever been interested in an event, do try Celebrations it is a thoroughly exciting time  and all about stitching, the thing we love to do! There are vendors and teachers brought together under one roof ,  building new friendships and you get to see lots!

In October I will be at Stitcher's Hideaway retreat in Mystic, such a beautiful part of the country and then on to Dyeing to Stitch's retreat in Virigina Beach, again wonderful to be at the sea! I look forward to seeing you all.... it will be great!

Have a great summer ahead!