An electronic difficulty

What will you say is this? Well unfortunately I was hospitalized for Atrial Fibrillation, a new diagnosis for me, in July. I left it for 4 days thinking that this rapid heart beat of mine would go away but it didn't; and I then spent 20 hours in emerg while they tried with meds to bring the heart rate down, which didn't work and then I was admited and in hospital for almost 2 weeks! It was not easy with a few scares in between but I am out and free.... and feeling better. My hospital room, I had a bed by the window, overlooked Calgary west and I could almost see my house! much to my chagrin, I don't know if that was good or bad. I know I did look out that window with a few tears wishing I could be there rather than in that hospital room. Every morning I would go get a clean hospital gown and sheets and towels, yes I helped myself, I needed the walk and sometimes get them for my roomates too. They changed with the wind and I just kept staying there, and staying there, you know, they have wireless monitors now so I could see my heart rate at all times on this TV screen, I don't know if that was good or bad either, I so badly wanted it to be normal and not racing. For some excitement I would dance around and see the screen go crazy! So I am home and finally feeling like I can share this without feeling sorry for myself, one doesn't want to do that but somehow I think it is part of the process of acceptance. I did stitch while in hospital and finished our projects for the cruise! But now that is all done, the instructions are written and edited and the kits are being made so all is well.

I have also finished the last 3 in the Garden Secrets series - spring/summer, they are Two Rabbits, One Sunflower and Five Ladybugs. I am just working on the covers and the pieces are at the framer so hopefully soon. I also have started the Fall/winter series and hope to have those coming in the near future. They have been so fun to design and stitch, I have really enjoyed them.

I will also be releasing  a new sampler called 'My Story" and the companion piece called 'My Storybook'. They are stitched using silk floss, some metallics and beads and charms on 35 ct fabric but would look equally well on 32ct or 40ct. They both have a floss pack and the  Storybook piece has an extra charm pack for the bookmark. I was going to release here in Aug but then with going on the cruise it seemed that would not work so well, so it will be ready for when we come back in early Sept.

My hospital stay was helped by  several things, one was my ipad and Dale and I would play Angry Birds! and also a mean game of 'Cross Crib' we kept a running tally and we are tied! The other was my phone, oh my, did I text! I must say it is pretty nice they let you have your phone and you can talk to whomever you like, wow, what a difference that made. Thank you to those who sent me encouraging messages, thank you to 'Debbie' from Hamilton for the beautiful card. And thank you to my friends and dear family who came so faithfully to visit. It really means alot when you are stuck. Most of you know I worked in hospitals for 30yrs. so it is not like I didn't know what it is like but good grief when it is you, it is a whole different ball game!

Hope to see you soon in Seattle and on the Sapphire Princess up the inside Passage and seeing some awesome scenery. We stop by Changing Tides in Skagway, Alaska and see Jan - she has sent me some absolutely lovely Alaskan themed fabric for finishing and we look forward to seeing Mike and Kim in Victoria at the Button and Needlework Boutique!

As ever,  jeannette