A busy Spring

Yes, can you believe it, I am leaving again very early Monday am. I think I just got home didn’t I? It sure feels like it. I couldn’t write upon return from my fabulous trip to Toronto and Needleworker’s Marketplace and then the Stitchville USA Spring Fling as I would have only spouted off my feelings of complete overwhelmingness(is that a word?)…. I took alot on and was really feeling the pressure, but….. YAY! I am almost done, and not a moment too soon as I leave in the morning for Sackville, New Brunswick and EAC Seminar!! How exciting! We shipped our boxes this past week… with my nails all bitten off because the fabric was delivered at only the very latest day it could; but come it did; although Pat at Lakeside and I were having fit with the border keeping the shipment way way too long…. oh it was an awful feeling. But all is good. I can say that now, so I can write without feeling sorry for myself anymore.

The events in Toronto and Minnetonka were totally awesome. I think just the best part of both was so many of you stitchers – are repeat attendees ( if you know what I mean! …. I love seeing you again that’s what I mean!) and took the time to come to either event and I just love that we can continue where we left off and share our lives for those few days and feel the sense of belonging that the stitching gives us.

So it’s off to seminar and meeting stitchers at the Maritime event. What a treat. I get to go see the Anne of Green Gables house, which I have always wanted to do ever since I designed Atlantic Seaboard in which the Heirs of L. M. Montgomery foundation so kindly let me use the house in the design.

The 2 new pieces for Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch in Clifton, NJ and Golden Thread Needlearts in Rochester, NY are beyond my expectation! I am so so excited for you to see. They both turned out so special and I am delighted.

Check with Pam at Red Apple Stitchery for a celebratory pattern of her 20 years in business! It’s applicious( okay I made that word up too!)

Looking forward to meeting you all again or for the first time. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to me, it’s what it is all about…. our shared love of stitching.

Jeannette xx