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It seems like November is flying by and I had all these plans….. as it is usually a quieter month. December always seems to ramp up for the holidays. And now by the time I get this posted it’s December already! But getting our ducks in a row for the Canadian Patriotic Snippets is gobbling up the time. To that a few more details. We have done our photographs for the pieces and decided in the end decided to place them in sets of 2 per chart– rather than singly. It will make shipping simpler I think and keep the charts a little more organized. It was fun to set up the photo shoot. When I was in Ontario visiting family and friends, I spent a day with my childhood friends laughing and giggling like we did so many years ago, but we also went to the thrift store and low and behold we found a Canadian Flag. I was so excited about it that the person minding the shop gave me the flag for free, as he stated it was old and tattered, which suited me just fine. I collected little bits and bobs that made think Canadian, but in the end hardly used any of them, funnily enough. The bowl that holds the pincushions has some great wood maple leaves and a tatted doily that suited the set. The framed piece took up most of the rest of the photo, so items like my cute Flag napkins were not needed!

A sneak peak
Canadian 150th Celebration Series

Canadian 150th Celebration Series

We will be offering the Canadian Patriotic Snippets in 2 ways. 1) to purchase the 6 charts with 2 parts of the sampler or 2 pincushions per chart singly – so 6 charts throughout the year or 2) presented in aKraft box with a patriotic sticker on the front and packaged with the fabric choices of either 32 ct Flax, 36 ct Flax or 36 Ct. Parisian Taupe, a ring of colours of full skeins and colour key card with less used flosses. It is all Gentle Art or Weeks Dye Works threads, a few metallic and Threadworx Peppermint for the border. In addition we will be selling a set of Just Another Button Company Canadian pins. We are also in talk with Zappy Dots that will make a Canadiana Needle Nanny for us. The box will come with #1,2 and the rest of the charts will be shipped every 2 months throughout the year.

It has been a year since we set sail on the Ama Prima in Nuremburg, Germany after spending some fast-paced days in Prague. The Christmas Markets Cruise with Mona and Lindy of The Silver Needle and Judy Bradford of Cruise Ship Centers Cambridge and all of you, was out of this world. Hanging my purchases this past weekend, made me even more grateful for the absolutely lovely time and the great memories it has created. Those markets were all somewhat different, the sights of each town or city unique and the evenings on the ship so very fun. Our ornament exchange and ugly sweater night gave us some good laughs. Thank you for spending the Christmas time with me and I will surely miss it this year. But I did go with my daughter to several markets here in Calgary on the weekend and it was so enjoyable too, interesting though how the memories of last year just leak through….. amazing.

It is now a few months since my whirlwind of Sept. and Oct. I want to thank so many of you for the lovely gifts that I have received. My shelf with fun things on my wall above my computer is getting pretty full, but I love the bits and bobs that you have made and shared with me. Some I am using some like the pincushions make such a nice addition to the office. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful gifts, love them all!!!

Thank you to Fobbles for having me and  to those who made my stay in England so FUN! You are amazing and you have made my life the richer for knowing you and sharing your view of England with me. A more personal look than a tourist and filled with laughter and enjoying the visits.

Thank you to my cousins for making the first few days in Holland so comfortable despite the heat and sleeping up above in the thatched roof part of the house. Charming house, love the renos, but my it is hot in that space. <grin> Unusually warm it was, but oh so lovely to walk the dyke and see the windmills on the horizon. Thank you to De Handwerk Boetiek who again despite the heat, and we were amazed at the repeat of the heat from 3 years ago, Holland never really gets that hot!!! persevered and made our days of stitching so very enjoyable.  Coffee in cup and saucers served to you with cake on arrival and tea in the afternoon with more cookies or cake, love Dutch pastries and baked goods! so special.

Then on return I did the Shepherd’s Bush retreat and how fun it is that Tina and Teri let me help in the shop at the till to see and visit with you all before all the craziness starts. It is such a treat to see repeat faces and meet new ones. Apparently, I take the job too seriously!! I hope that you stitched a couple of the fun travelling pincushions to put in your very neat tray.

Then lastly Vermont, what a difference, I had snow on the way to the airport for Calgary, no doubt getting me ready for what was to come at home. But what a pleasure Stowe was – the apple cider doughnuts and the delightful little shops just made the stay there special.

Thank you all for your gifts again and for your gifts of friendship, it has been an amazing few months.

Vimy Ridge Sampler

Vimy Ridge Sampler

As I get ready to embark on the celebration of Canada’s 150th year – I look forward to sharing the Vimy Ridge Sampler and the 12 pincushions or the 12 pieces made into a sampler with you. And if you are from another country I would be thrilled if you stitch one or two for fun!