Remembrance Week

As many of you know because I’ve seen you………. It’s been a fall like no other. What with the release of Seasons by the Sea- a pattern that had the My Stitching Treasures problems of never being ahead on the thread packs and reprinting….. and then all the fall classes, I am finally home and can think and write a blog post, without feeling like there are a hundred things to do NOW – there are a hundred things but not all right NOW. I appreciate all your patience with my busy year and I have kept it to 4 classes next year, for 2 reasons, one I cannot keep that pace for so many years in a row and my daughter is getting married. Even more reason to keep the teaching reasonable. But I do hope that I will get to see you somewhere in the mix.

We will add events to that tab as quickly as we can.

It seems like I have been beset by little things that just needed doing, my computer needed an overhaul and I didn’t get to it before it crashed. I have most things in a crash plan, but nevertheless a little untimely and left me scrambling, as if I wasn’t over the top busy enough.

Finally we got my A-Fib under control it had been in a rapid state for a year, daily I felt compromised. We couldn’t seem to get the right meds but with a couple of cardioversions -restarts, and another try it has been under control since June, what a relief.

Both the girls that work for me Kathy and Wilma have been despite working so hard at the thread packs and doing a great job, busy with their aging mom’s and difficulties. All 3 of us were feeling the stress most of the year. It is a relief to know that I will be not as busy next year. While I love it, and you all know it, it is always a lovely time everywhere I go….. it does break into blocks of time to get things done. One loses time there and back; and then the readjustment of getting back and clearing things away that have piled up. I’m going to be sentimental and want you to know that despite the challenges this year brought, it is you the stitchers that make it so worth it. Thank you for attending events to inspire your stitching and connecting with others.

As I review the year, as it seems I am doing that…. I also look forward to the next, it will be a year of new commitments and new designs, remember it is not where you go but who you are with.

That brings me to next year. We have several plans and hope to discuss them further in another blog post and look for a Facebook post to come also. But I can tell you now that I have a special little celebration set for next year for Canada’s 150th birthday. I will tell more next time. As it is Remembrance week – I wanted to let you know about the Vimy Ridge Sampler – a sampler commemorating the battle in France that has become the symbol of Canadian national achievement and sacrifice. A 100 hectare portion of the former battleground serves a memorial part and is the site of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. When I got to see it 10 years ago…. We all cried, my daughters, husband and I, we stood on the ridge overlooking the French countryside and could not fathom the gift of those Canadians.


May we all remember the sacrifices that soldiers across the world give to their countries this Remembrance week. The sampler will be available January 3, 2017. It is stitched in silk, but I will have an overdyed cotton and DMC floss change for it.

Look for more details to come.