Mid January blues?.....

There are so many things to tell you about!

First will be my events for this year, we will be adding them to the events portion of the website. Check it out for some event in your area, or to a retreat away. http://www.jeannettedouglas.ca/events-2/

Please note that the Florida event weekend still has some openings to stitch that lovely Mermaid Treasure box at Needle Orts in Alamonte Springs. Certainly hope to see you there, we will have the new Nashville goodies with us. shop@needleorts.com

 Our Canadian Patriotic Snippets are doing fabulous and I want to thank you for that. Amazing and wonderful to see so many of us more patriotic than our usual! Love it. Makes one feel proud somehow doesn’t it. When I wasresearching; Vimy Ridge in particular, I was so moved by the statements of Canada’s work on the world stage.

Just Pins & Needle Nannies.jpg

The Just Pin sets are on reorder. We sold out in one day on those….. I’m sorry I can never guess! The needle nannies from Zappy Dots are on their way, coming soon. Zappy Dots and I couldn’t decide which to make into a needle nanny – needle minder. Therefore we will have all of them, as things fall out we will probably just pick one at the end of the year, but I think it is very fun to have a match for each snippet. The first 2 are available now.  Hopefully once our next set comes there will coordination with the release of the patterns.

Wilma, Kathy and I are totally thrilled that in between all the orders we are mostly caught up with inventory! Always a mementos task. If I thought that January was a slow month, I must think again as it is speeding by! I always imagine I will stitch lots and have cozy evenings by the fire etc. but I have been building kits with threads, thread cards, boxes and cutting fabrics! My daughter was a dear and designed the floss cards and the sticker on top. I used ‘Sticker Mule’ an on-line sticker maker service, it was great.

And now on to the next Snippets -#3,4 – they will be shipped the last week of February, just after I ship all the many boxes for the Nashville show but before I leave. I am teaching after in Florida so I won’t be home right after the show to ship the beginning of March.

That brings me to Nashville new! We will have 9 new designs, of varying sizes, from Sampler band style to small hornbook size. In boxes, in frames, on stands, as pincushions! I will be at the photographer next week after I pick up my framed pieces and I will have photos and can share some ‘snippets’ of the new pieces. I look forward to sharing them with you.

I feel like there was other things to tell you about, but it is escaping me now! Feel free as always to contact me via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. PS I am a slow learner on the Twitter, I don’t get it sometimes….. so bear with me!

Christmas Week 2016 in Montana

Aha! I just remembered!!! This week I got a call from The Textile Museum of Canada- here is the address: 55 Centre Avenue Toronto, ON     shop@textilemuseum.ca   and they have requested to carry the snippets in their Museum shop, I was very excited, so now we are building those kits! Funnily enough last fall both in the UK and Holland I visited Textile museums and so it is kind of cool to be included in the shop items for sale in this one. If you are in the Toronto area, it would be fun to make a day trip to go and see, because I actually didn’t know we had one!

My photo is of the beautiful snow covered Montana Christmas holiday week we had as a family.