Summer 2012


While many parts of the continent have very high temps, we in Alberta are enjoying a lovely summer. At the beginning of July Dale and I took a week to go to Whitefish, MT. We had a super week, weather was terrific and all the July 4th celebrations are always a sight to behold to Canadians. On my JDD facebook page I think I posted a picture of both the CDN and US flag flying that week, that was so nice to see. So we celebrated July 1 – Canada Day in America! It was great. On the way home we took the way through Glacier National Park, it was awesome, there are just no other words. If you have never done the “Going to the Sun” road it is a must at some point. We have done it a few times and each time it gives awe inspiring visuals. We had a perfect day and once at the top – Logan’s Pass – you could see mountain flowers side by side with glaciers, so neat to see. We saw mountain goats too, with a little baby goat, so cute. This will be the first year in many that I will have a few autumn releases, it always seems that my classes take up so much time, but even though I have classes and busyness…… as usual! I did work on some general releases. Look for them to come in September. Working on the instructions and covers etc. in August after I get back from my niece’s wedding in Ontario!

So looking forward to Shepherd’s Bush retreat Sept 26-29th! An absolute delight to go! and the bonus is that they are in my time zone!! Mountain time, terrific to go to an event and not have to do time change. In October I will be at Acorns and Threads in Portland, OR – October 20,21. The pieces are surprises – but totally fun!! Looking forward to sharing them with you all!

Here is picture of Lake McDonald in the Glacier National Park, did you know that it is connected to Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta to make one -they (the US and Canada) created the world’s first International Peace Park: Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (WGIPP) in 1932-it’s kinda cool.

Lake McDonald July 2012 in Glacier National Park