August 2012 Notes

In the mail came a lovely note and picture this week, that I want to share with you from Marilyn Skuce of Port Stanley, ON. She writes: Thanks to both of you for creating and publishing “Summer at the Ocean” (Jeannette’s) and ” Seaside Garden Sampler” (Thea of Victoria Sampler). It has been a goal to stitch a design to reflect our waterside retirement home. Finding …both designs, I’ve been able to accomplish this goal. The design is built around my Haiku poem…

Summer… tranquil, cool. ebb, flow

driftwood…relax, sand ripples,

peaceful waves….welcome.

I’ve added 3 local restaurants in their traditional paint colours….

Neale at Thread and Eye in London, ON has worked his magic to mat and frame this design.”

Marilyn what a treat you created. By expanding the rows of water and sand you have created a peaceful tranquil place on this piece of fabric that extends outward. Thank you for sharing, and now I share with you all.

Just a little piece of news, look for your latest edition of Just Cross Stitch as there is a lovely Pumpkin Sampler in there from JDD, I hope that I can get the instructions finished in time to release ‘Pumpkin Stitches’ the new piece in the Stitches Series set. Also look for Apple Stitches, it is done and waiting to be printed. Also new will be a Christmas Sampler, I haven’t done Christmas since about 10 years ago, so it was high time! I had so much fun with this that I did it 2 ways! One is called White Winter and the other Au Naturale…. I think the titles give it away…..