Shipping Chapter 7 Rhodes Rhapsody

I heard some back to school commercials in the last few days..... and we all know what that means! I know both my girls have been preparing to go back to university and wind down their summer jobs. I am gearing up for events in the fall. My piece for Dyeing to Stitch in Virginia Beach is at the framer, as is my piece for the Buffalo, NY guild. This week we are shipping the next installment for My Stitching Album -Chapter 7 - Rhodes Rhapsody. I am having separation anxiety. I am going miss this project. As much as it really kept me on my toes and deadlines as I am sure you know, make for more pressure to have things done, it all worked out well and the girls and I have enjoyed our shipping days and had lots of good laughs together at some of the most totally banal things. Doing the on line shipping and having a postal machine in the office, certainly frees up time and has been wonderful. Check on the Rhodes Rhapsody page for what I did for the pocket item for this chapter or use your imagination. You can put a picture here of you and a friend stitching, your family or some other meaningful thing to you. My newly renovated office, is working out very well, we love it. Now I just have to find time to hang some samplers and my thread peg board and I am set. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer and if you have any questions on this next installment - please don't hesitate to ask!