Preparing for fall

It has been busy here in the office/studio getting the projects ready for our events and ready for The Needlework show on-line. Yes, we will have a new project ready for the Oct 7-12 show so please check it out at www.needleshow.comI will be leaving the 23rd for the East and look forward to seeing family and friends again. First stop is the event at the EGA Buffalo chapter- Sept 26,27 - girls I am thrilled to be going to an area that I lived close to growing up. I have super memories of the Buffalo zoo - I was very enchanted by the seals as a child - they would go on this slide and seemed so happy to repeat this over and over. Another memory is of peaking around my mother's skirts as a lady in a bright green fortrel dress ran down the street downtown Buffalo holding her chest with pearls spilling out and a man running after her yelling "stop that woman!" I look forward to seeing the wonderful architecture and apparently a Buffalo 'fish fry' and of course meeting the Buffalo stitchers. Down to Virginia Beach I will go in the week and by Oct 1 will be oceanside. This girl who now hails from the prairies never fails to be delighted by the water. To be able to be at an event for the fabric gals from R & R at Dyeing to Stitch with other designers in the business is a highlight. I anticipate meeting new old and friends..... please don't hesitate to approach me and introduce yourself, I would love it.