Preparation for the Nashville Needlework Market 2015


How to express the feelings that one goes through preparing for market? There are the extreme highs of " oh, this is fantastic, they will love it" to " oh, you say that item I want to use is is back ordered; or really upsetting, discontinued?" It is the season of  pre market  pushes to get things done. You'd think that by now I would have a template and it would be easy, breezy..... mmmm.... my template must be broken, because there is always glitches. As many of you know, my shipping issues actually are my biggest problem. With boxes not arriving and twirling around in the cargo lot somewhere. So I am getting to things earlier this year and feeling a little less like a loose cannon! haha! The other thing that plays into my preparation is that we work 6-12 months ahead and those things are also on the plate and getting some time in my work day. To that end I would love for you to check out some of the events that are going on this year. We have added them to the events page and they are there for you to peruse. Of course at all of them, I will be saying "this is the best ever event! " you know me, I love them all and cannot say, this or that is better or worse, as each shop or event coordinator knows her clients/stitchers and puts on an exceptional retreat. I think it comes to what works for you and what can I do with a friend to make it memorable. Needle in a Haystack is first and I hope you have seen her newsletter of a picture of the project - 'she' turned out beyond my expectation, I am thrilled, look forward to sharing her with you. My " O Canada Sampler" is done and she is a beauty! I will release her at the merchant night held at the Calgary EAC Seminar, look for her to come in your local needlework shop. Pam and Kim of Tomorrow's Heirlooms in Glen Ellyn, are Paulette and my hosts in July. I have never been to that area, except years ago we took our girls on an across the country trip and we stopped in Chicago for a day and went up the Sears Tower - is that what it is still called? so this will be a treat to go to this area and see the shop and area. And those Buffalo girls, you are so wonderful, I look forward to seeing you all again, last time was too long ago already! I am of course thrilled to be doing the Close To Home event in Cambridge, ON as many of you know I grew up in St. Catharines, ON and this is then a close to Home event. As for the Cape Cod event with Celebration of Needlework and Olde Colonial Designs, this is will be so fun, I can't wait!  Please check out the events page on the website for exact details and dates. One other thing of note, the Christmas Wishes River Cruise is full, has been for months and I am thrilled. Check your Christmas Wishes note from Judy on whether you want extra days beginning and end in Prague and Budapest.

I have been meaning to post this for months but time just gets away on me. This is the Common Thread versions that were done from 2008 -2012 and then of course you know the release was last February 2014. Hope you enjoy them, it is kind of fun to see how it all played out in each piece.

So back to preparation.... we will be releasing new designs for Market! I am pleased to be going again this year and thankful that Yarn Tree and Needlework Retailer picked up the parts and are putting on a Needlework Market for Counted Thread! Look for posting of new things to come soon!


The Common Thread Buffalo

The Common Thread Niagara

The Common Thread -Saskatoon

The Common Thread UK

The Common Thread Vancouver

The Common Thread Eugene,OR

The Common Thread San Francisco

The Common Thread Spokane