Nashville Preview


I am thrilled I am getting close to my shipping day, then my office might be tidier than the shambles it has become. How can that be in such a short time, I cleaned and purged and sorted and made nice baskets and felt on top of it all but as January rolled along it has steadily gone downhill!  I move one thing to get at another, and then oh gee... where did that other thing go.... it's classic prior to a show. That brings me to show you a few of my things for the Needlework market.

I have 10 new offerings and here is a snippet of some of what is coming up. Pretty excited to share these items; there is something for everyone. There will be 2 fabulous larger-sized samplers, 3 medium- sized smaller designs, several accessories,  a Nashville Special and several new Patterned Pretties pin pillows to collect. Remember my tall jar with the pin pillows in it that I posted on facebook in December?  I will post it here for you to see if you missed it.

Have a check back in a few short weeks and full pictures will be posted.