Canadian Thanksgiving

We have fall here in Calgary, the leaves are yellow on the poplars and beautiful reds and oranges on other kinds of trees, no maples or such here but nevertheless can be lovely. But the wind is blowing even though it is really nice out and the trees are dropping their leaves. I had hoped they would stay a little longer, at least for Thanksgiving on the weekend.I am looking forward to it, to see my daughter who comes home from university and my Douglas side of the family. I have hardly decorated like I used to..... but my office is like a hurricane hit. I still haven't sorted through my stuff from teaching in the UK and now the SB stuff is added on a different pile to sort through when I have a minute! I am madly trying to get through getting my stuff ready for California - Needle In A Haystack event. I have these owls that I mentioned.... well I am not happy with one owl.... and I am redoing him.... he just wasn't right, he was framed and everything.... but oh no, he has to go.... so now I am restitching him. So maybe I won't release him till the end.... and get going on these other ones! Coming soon, I shall say!

I am trying to design all my projects at once for next year, Nashville stuff excpet for one or two things is done.... but for those events.... my mind is twirling. I try to focus on one but then I think of something for the others.... ha! I will try to add to the events page here in a few days but I need to load all my pictures for the On line Needlework show which will be October 21-26. So that is first priority and then hopefully I will have time for loading events. But I will say I will be at Gitta's Getaway in Toronto and at Stitchville USA, Minnetonka, Minnesota in April 2011, at Embroidery Ass. of Canada Seminar in Sackville, NB; also at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch in Clifton, NJ and at Golden Thread Needlearts in Rochester, NY in May 2011.

Wow! what a great time we had in Ogden and Park City, UT. Tina and Teri of Shepherd's Bush, thank you for such a terrific week. The venue was super, the weather was excellent and you stitchers were just the best! Thank you for your lovely gifts, I so appreciated them, I am using some of them and I am eating some of them, both wonderful! It was truly special to meet so many of you and I have to sincerely thank Don Hendrickson for lending his absolutely stunning JDD stitched models to the event. What an honour Don, I loved seeing them! I am lame, I thought I had a picture of the table, but oh no, got lots of pictures of flowers and such but none of the models! But I do have a picture of some of the designers for the SB event.