A quick little note just before I leave for San Francisco in the am. and the event at Needle In a Haystack. I am so looking forward to this. It will be the 8th making of The Common Thread - it is a beautiful piece and has truly lended it self to all the different places that we have been with it. On the piece we have taken away The Peace Bridge for Buffalo but replaced it with the lovely Golden Gate. It has been a challenge to create the section depicting each area and I think each time that it is the best. Interesting... in terms of design... how can one piece be good with the differences.... Someone once asked how do you know when what you have designed is what you want and how can you say this is it and stop refining? I think it's a mixture of things... of time constraints and of a vision of what it will look like. Something to ponder maybe as I sit on the plane tomorrow....I did want to tell you of the new release of Forever Owl as part of  "What a Hoot"  series. I have designed a set of 4 owls to be released the next 4 months, and the first is Forever Owl. I have used a bit of a play on words and the little saying with the cute little owl is "owl love you forever' and the rest will be like that. I am bringing another little piece to NIAH -using the Soie Surfine threads - silk 130/2 dyed by Gloriana Threads - I used all the colours that they have released at present. I ended up stitching it on 40 ct over 2 and then on 40 ct over 1 and made a needlebook out of the bigger one and a tiny scissors fob out of the other and placed it on the owl scissors by Kelmscott - cute. See you soon in Alameda/San Francisco!