A wee bit of a holiday before the busy fall


Just a quick note before I leave for the long voyage across to the UK and Holland. We just got back from a wee little week away in Montana - one of my favourite places. Charland made me go to this great breakfast place in West Glacier and it was so good we went twice! Hope you all had a great time in St. Charles and hopefully my schedule will let me do it next year. I do have new patterns, but I am slow..... I have the covers done and of course the pieces stitched but not the instructions done, between all the classes it has been an almost insurmountable feat. I love the teaching and enjoy that so much, enjoy the design and stitching part..... but the writing of the instructions...... not so..... so of course I leave it way too long and now I am out of time. I do hope that I can get some of these things between places but I am pretty sure my releases will not be till late Sept.  I have a new little series....which is just so darn cute. It is just cross stitch and called  - A most suitable Name- look for it's debut soon! The first 3 will appear end of Sept.

I do have some additions to the Stitches series in the mini stitches - Mini Vintage Stitches - the mini of the grape themed stitches and the Mini Pumpkin Stitches a mini mate to Pumpkin Stitches of last year. I also have Numero Vintage Pillows - had a blast with these- I made all new designs with numbers - stitched it on Antique White linen verus the natural that  I did it on in the spring and made them into 7 pillows, loved it. Put different backing on each one and little buttons or charms and used silk thread...... we will have an embellishment pkg. for this one. I still have a few button packs from Numero in the spring.

Now if you were looking for bigger samplers - they were done for teaching this year and we have 2 awesome pieces - 'English Beauty' which I will be teaching this coming weekend at Fobbles in Cumbria, UK and the following weekend I will be in Holland with the 'Hollandse Merklap' at De Handwerk Boetiek in Roden, The Netherlands. I am totally looking forward to returning to that lovely piece of heaven called the Lake District in northern England to see familiar faces from being there previously - thank you ladies, see you soon! And of course going to Holland where my roots lie is just a treat. It was funny when I was designing and working on this piece I muttered to myself in dutch no less.... well it seemed fitting while designing tulips and such!  My mother would be proud.

Ladies as they say in Dutch- Tot ziens! and to all of you 'Groeten van Canada'


PS the picture is from our peaceful fun filled week with family in Montana.DSC_0726