New JDD Fall 2013 and what an amazing over the 'pond' trip


How can I say amazing in 10 different ways? What a wonderful trip to Fobbles in Cumbria, UK and to De Handwerk Boetiek in Roden, The Netherlands. We had some lovely events in both places and our weekends of stitching were laced with fun and learning together. Staying in Ravenglass on the Irish Sea for the UK event is such a treat - it is  a charming little place by the sea, and I took some great walks, one even to some old Roman Bath ruins. The English Beauty Sampler was stitched on heartily and stitchers seemed to get quite a bit done, which was terrific. Thanks to everyone who made my week in the Lake District an awesome one, even got to Hill Top House - the home where Beatrix Potter lived and at the museum in Hawkshead where they were celebrating the centenary of Beatrix Potter’s wedding to William Heelis and the publication of The Tale of Pigling Bland. I have a little story on that and you might ask me the next time you see me! A visit to Chatsworth House ended my magical week. Thank you gals for a very special time. Once in Holland I got my wish for a Croquette for supper, love those things! Ask me about that too unless you know what it is! Delicious.  Our 2 days of workshops there were so fabulous, I cannot say how I really felt - except that I think that my mother and father would have been filled with joy to know that their daughter who was born in Canada taught in their native country in their language, even though they immigrated almost 60 years ago. It is a testament to them that I can speak it as I do. I wish I would have taught my children <regret> . The ladies were so welcoming, I enjoyed every minute despite being quite warm - it was very hot temperature wise and it seemed not a breeze in the air. But we shared and enjoyed our stitching on the little scissors fob that went with the Hollandse Merklap. Thanks to Annemiek and her parents for being such great hosts! I ended my week in Holland with my cousins and enjoyed some great family visits.

Now it is on with the new!

We have a new series called:
A most suitable Name – taking some primitive themes and adding a little word/name play to the piece, mostly I have used names that are meaningful to me, Nimble Netty – my family calls me Nettie and the grandma I was named after was born in 1898 – hence the date on the piece. My sister’s name is Wilhelmina and she is called Willi – so we will have a “wool Willie’ in the series, just some fun things. There are no thread packs it uses Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works threads.
Numero Vintage Pillows – I loved the Numero piece from the spring and wondered what the grey colours would like on a creamy white fabric and wanted  a basket of pillows – so I had some fun, I played with greys and buttons and charms and some wonderful wools for backing and used different edgings and finished them all into little pillows and have them in a wood container in my front entry way. This has a thread pack with all the charms, buttons and rick rack and silk needed to stitch the pieces.
To continue to challenge some beginner specialty stitch stitchers, I have taken elements from the Stitches series and made smaller samplers using DMC floss and some Handyed floss colours. With Mini Vintage stitches there is the one Gloriana Thread included in the chart and with Mini Pumpkin Stitches – there is thread pack as I used some wools.

Mini Vintage (Grape) Stitches

Mini Pumpkin Stitches

Numero Vintage Pillows

Alphabet Annie

Nimble Netty

Prim Penny

And dare I say that I am on my way again out of country.... I leave on Friday for more excitement in Ohio at Crafty Ewe! I am so looking forward to this event. I have  just a few little things to tie up on Thursday and of course well tomorrow we hope to ship out new things, so there is still a pile to wade through before I go, but it should be good and then I get to share in stitching with the gals at Crafty Ewe.
The following weekend I go over to the Dyeing to Stitch retreat. It is always such a wonderful time , I remember the first time 4 years ago we all went out for dinner and now the place where we went; fell into the ocean after a storm. It seems sad that that place is gone, but hopefully we can still go have some 'she' crab soup which is terrific. And gee it isn't really all about the food.... but one gets to have some favourites when you get to go back!!
Looking forward to seeing you all, safe travels, love jeannette