Just about ready for the Nashville Needlework market

Well it is that time of year again we are headed into Nashville week and crossing our fingers our shipments get to where they need to be and that all the hard work from the year before will arrive safely and that it will be fun! One forgets in all the preparation that it really is a fun time. We get to see shop owners, and fellow designers and catch up on what’s new right along with you!

JDD Nashville New 2017

JDD Nashville New 2017

 We have nine new patterns, a mixture of samplers, framed or finished pieces – small and quick to finish or larger something to sink your stitching teeth into. We will be posting those full pictures the weekend of the show. Please check back to see the full photos or check with your favourite needlework shop as they are so good about posting what is new. Left to right, top to bottom: The Mighty Acorn, Roses and Acorns, Vintage Birds (mate to Vintage Stars and Vintage Flowers), Quilt Box, Dutch Pincuhions, Just Stitch, Cape Cod Vignettes, Potpourri of Stitches, Friendships no borders. I will tell you it was this collaboration between Pam Reed of Olde Colonial Designs and I that led to the CDN Patriotic series. We had to do a shared piece for an event at a retreat and decided that friendships are not bound by borders and wanted to celebrate that! Who knew that this would be oh so more timely then we ever could have expected. In the process of designing one, I played and had fun and designed about 7 so Pam could choose which one would look good with hers on the other side. I showed my husband and asked him which he liked better and he said that I had a good start on 12 one for each month for the 2017 celebration and thus we have the Canadian Patriotic Snippets. So not only was I not done despite designing 7 of these I had to design 5 more!!! As you can see the one side of this pincushion is Canadian and the other American. The Canadian side is Snippet #3 - as remember I had to pick one of the 7!

The Textile Museum shop is now carrying the snippets and the O Canada Sampler, so if you want to see models they have them! The exhibition at the moment is KIND Words Can Never Die: A Personal Collection of Victorian Needlework-Date: February 22 – June 25, 2017 -Curated by: Anna Richard which is  an interesting one to stitchers. Check it out. http://www.textilemuseum.ca/exhibitions/current-exhibitions


Canadian Patriotic Snippets # 3 & 4

We shipped out the Canadian Patriotic Snippets #3 & 4 on Wednesday, hopefully soon at your LNS. Some take a few more days than others to get across the country! Hope you enjoy the play on the flag that most of the snippets are built around. My inspiration was the flag and when I look at the finished piece now I see I forgot one thing…… well really probably a lot more, but it was not a motif driven sampler. I will be adding a ‘something’ for you about halfway through and you too can add it!

Stitch Dots - Needle minders



Zappy Dots has added some more JDD Stitch Dots to their collection besides the Canadian Patriotic ones and are available starting today! Here is their Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/StitchDots/ and their website- http://zappydots.com/  It is pretty fun to stitch with the needleminder of the same pattern, great reference!



Dale and I will be leaving Wednesday for Nashville, and from there go on to Florida as I have an event the following weekend at Needle Orts. So to that, I will not be able to get out your orders till after I return on the 15th – Wilma and Kathy are taking a well-deserved rest as we have been working flat out for both the CDN Patriotic Series and the Nashville new. They tell me they are still going to come in and organize me….. lol….. it has been chaos here.

I look forward to seeing shop owners next weekend and will delight in seeing your happy faces the following week at Needle Orts.