Working on it!

We haven't forgotten, it is just a few complications which we will hopefully clear this week.I am working on finishing instructions for a project and finishing instructions - well suffice it say that they are not as easy to write as stitching instructions! I am going to take pictures of my finishing process, pictures they say speak a thousand words! In just a few short weeks I will be travelling to northern UK - the province of Cumbria to teach in the Lake District. A big journey and we are just about finished packing our boxes and ready to ship. I look foward to meeting our English stitchers and hope that my Canadian accent can be understood! Maybe I will be the one not "getting it" !

We are also getting our Shepherd's Bush boxes ready as you can see with going across the ocean there will not be alot of time upon return so we have been very busy getting the product ready for both events. I am running to the printer tomorrow with the Take Time for Friends piece to get it printed..... and am printing all the class product here at home. The printer is 'hot'!

Hope you are enjoying your summer stitching.