Summer 09

The longest day of the year just passed us.... summer is here! In the cooler climes we really look forward ot it. My recovery is in full swing and I am finally feeling more like myself. It was a haul and now I have to do it again in November for the other knee.... I am not looking forward to it needless to say.We have shipped out Hungarian Harmony last week to all - look for it soon to come in the mail. Mail is an event in this house, our Wheaton Terrier Cleo informs us everyday when "Randy' our postman delivers. She goes bananas and then we know to check for mail. With both my husband and myself with home businesses the mail box is full.Then Cleo has to inform us when the postal truck stops with packages. It is a ruckus every time. I think she totally scares the poor children who drop off flyers at the house weekly. I guess it is that terrier thing. I hope you enjoy your next chapter -Chapter 6 -Hungarian Harmony. The greens and purples are just a beautiful blend, me who likes reds and browns, really enjoyed this page to my surprise. Those of you who love these colours will enjoy the colour play. The pocket item for this page is the felt needle holder. Check for the instructions to make one for your favourite needles on the Hungarian Harmony page. I will be taking a few holiday days here and there throughout the summer - so if I don't answer your email right away, it's because I am with a good book and my favourite stitching at the lake! Have a great summer.