Spring Events

Just a little update on what is happening this spring in events. I am busying getting all my things ready for the Needleworker's Marketplace put on by Gitta's. Kathrin has a lovely website giving all the info on it and you can sign up through the NWMP website for a class or just come to the show at The Waterside Inn in Mississauga, ON  just down the road from the shop! on April 13, 14. Look forward to seeing you there, I will have a 'booth' so come, stop by and see what is new. I have a lovely ABC sampler for a class on Sunday. After returning to Calgary post the NWMP on the 16th  I will madly be getting ready for Celebration of Needlework  in Nashau, NH. There too I will have a 'booth' so please come and stop by and see what is new. I am teaching 2 pieces there - one is the Isle of Hope Sampler (Ellis Island)- a charming sampler starting with getting on the steamship in the old world and ending with landing by the Statue of Liberty in the new world! The other class is called Memory Box accessories - I have hand painted a little box "suitcase" and decorated it and made some "Ellis Island" smalls to go in it. I even have a picture of my mom and dad on their boat when they immigrated in the 50's on the inside.

From there I will fly to Montreal and teach a piece called "La Petite Trousse" to 2 guilds there. This piece is a lovely roll up needle/scissors book that has your initials on the front and some great specialty stitches throughout. On the second day we will go through all the finishing techniques with wool felt. It makes for a great finish.

By then spring should be well underway and I will return to Calgary and start working on the projects for the fall! I am working on a piece for fall at the moment for the Just Cross Stitch Magazine. I always find it a bit of a challenge to work on items out of season. Sue at the retreat in Mystic, CT  of Stitcher's Hideaway calls it Seasonal Stitching Disorder, she can only stitch what the season is! I laughed when she said that! I always have to design what is 'not' the season! Sometimes difficult like now, when the JCS ornament is also due and so you feel like designing spring but you have to do Christmas! I should do the ornament over Christmas...... ha! mmm........

Well I do hope to see you at one of these events and look forward to attending and sharing my work.

as ever,  jeannette