Off to the eastern Seaboard

How come is it that I always post just before I go? Why can't I do it when it is not on the wire? Sometimes some things just need a deadline, and maybe this is one of them. Celebration of Needlework was terrific. We had a wonderful time meeting midwest stitchers, and got to spend time with friends and isn't that happy hour great! I was grateful for Lindy at The Silver Needle and Pam at Olde Colonial whom were both on either side of me for the little things, they get to drive to these places and have stuff for set up which I always seem to lack. There is only so much one can ship from Canada!

Now it is on to the next thing, the event for Stitcher's Hideaway in Mystic, CT and see the fall colours! and then off to Virginia Beach for Dyeing to Stitch's retreat at the beach! I look forward to meeting you all if not for the first time then as old friends! What a treat.Remember to bring scissors, your hoop or stretcher bars or the like and lighting or magnification if you need it. It really does help make the stitching time so much more fun when you can see it and when you have your stuff! When I was in Montana a few weeks ago I stopped at Joann's because someone in my class in St. Charles had this ott light that you clipped on yourself, so of course I had to have one! It's very cool for travel, thanks Polly!

Arg! I still haven't posted the picture of My Story and My Storybook.... I am sorry I haven't done it. Here it is, enjoy. It is mostly because my desktop doesn't run photoshop very well, it needs more ram and if you hold your tongue right the picture might come up for you and then you can crop etc. but if you haven't , it won't load, yes I need a new computer!! as I have added more memory etc. and still no luck.

There are also the last three of the Garden Secrets Series to enjoy too, so we have 9 in total. Five Ladybugs, One Sunflower and Two Rabbits.

So happy stitching and look forward to seeing you soon, jeannette

My Story Five Ladybugs My StorybookOn eSunflower Two Rabbits