Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year - 2012 here we come!

Tomorrow.... tomorrow the cruise gals are coming over for a visit and maybe even a stitch or two! I am so looking forward to seeing them all since the cruise seems like just too long ago! What a wonderful time we had. Now that I have had time to breathe and relax, well, really I have been a designing fiend, but nevertheless, still have had more time than I did and I can sort through my memories and pictures and enjoy them. I am baking cookies, listening to some Christmas music with the fireplace TV station! But yes, it has been a productive November running into December for me and I am thrilled. It's been so fun to design! It always seems like things are simmering on the back burner but I never get to go forward, lots of ideas but no time to put them to paper. Thankfully I finally had time. But I did get up to Edmonton to help move my daughter to a different apt. quite close in to  the Whyte Ave area. After we had lugged many many boxes around - she is an English major and history minor - so books seem a prerequisite- we went to a lovely little place and had a very late dinner and shared a bottle of wine and talked and talked.  I collapsed on the "foamy" and slept like I have never before. She has a lovely dear little apt. and I am happy if she is happy. My other daughter got her dream job at Mount Royal University as a graphic designer, we are so pleased for her...... and then when Jeannette gets to design.... all is well.

Did want  want to wish you  all the vey best in the new year -2012! already! Hope all is well and that you are enjoying some of the Christmas activities and will have some time to relax between Christmas and New Years and get some stitching done!

Merry Christmas,