Last Chapter - Herringbone Hour

Well it has come to the end of My Stitching Album - all 8 chapters. Wow what a great journey in stitch. I enjoyed sharing my fun in stitches with you. It is on my list of to do's to post some progress pictures. Coming soon, I will have an alphabet to post for you - for you to be able to write the stitch word in the space where the initials are, in case you wanted to do it that way.We have shipped Herringbone the last 3 days so depending on where you live you will either get it sooner or later! Enjoy! I have to tell you that I had a truly wonderful time both in Buffalo and Virginia Beach. Thank you guild members of the Buffalo Chapter for such a great weekend of sharing and learning. I loved being able to share the stitching through power point as the piece we did had so many stitch diagrams it made it so much easier for me and I hope nicer for you. The team at Dyeing to Stitch gave us a truly delightful weekend, full of fun and memories. The weather cooperated so we got to fully enjoy the waterfront between classes and events. Thank you stitchers for your welcoming faces and making me feel immediately at home. Remember 'Take time for Friends!'