June 2006

Okay, I know an update was high overdue, but exciting news..... I have a new webdesigner and we have been working on  a brand new website so I didn't have access! So you must stop by soon and see the new digs! We are hoping that sometime in June we will be able to launch it. I have always done it myself so this is great. She is Veronique at www.evoquedesigns.com and it has been delightful to have someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off of. She has made me a new logo, and other cool things, so look for that soon.

Well to say that my events this spring was awesome would be an understatement. It was so great. I enjoyed myself everywhere I went and every place was just the best! It certainly brings home to me again how easily you all made me feel at home, I think our love and passion for stitching gives an instant bond.

Spring lasted 6 weeks for me... In very early April, I was in Portland at Acorns and Threads and marvelled at the glorious magnolias and tulips and daffodils... we had such a great time with the Acorns and Threads Sampler, and Olde Colonial made us a special box for the piece, which just sets it off wonderfully. The retreat weekend ended with my dear high school friend driving down from Vancouver, Canada to meet with me and we went shopping!!

In mid April I got to see beautiful magnolias, tulips and daffodils again in New Jersey/ New York, now you must know that there is nothing in Calgary at this time yet, so it is such a big treat! Where Victoria's Angels Stitch hosted me with an event for the New York/New Jersey Sampler and this piece will become the next in the American Journey Series. I was very pleased with the 'yellow taxis'  on this piece and after 'pulling' the Statue of Liberty's arm to make it longer I was pleased with her! The stitchers took me into New York City and I had an absolutely wonderful time, thank you girls!

With a little jaunt back into Canada on a very small propeller plane with myself and 17 business men, Montreal was the next stop. The Lakeshore Stitchery Guild hosted a weekend retreat at Manoir d'Youville an old Grey Nuns place south of Montreal and I got to see budding willow trees and magnolias and tulips and daffodils all over again!! Learning new French words for stitching things was great fun, eg.'le chemin de fer egals' is railroading! Did you know that! The Montreal Sampler was a great hit and it is now available if you want a memory of a trip to this lovely city in Quebec. It is also available with full French translation. Please see www.lacigalebrodeuse.com or www.jeannettedouglas.com to purchase this piece.

Back in a little propeller plane I went and on to Celebrations in New Hampshire. Well I have never met so many stitchers at one time. What a great event. It was lovely to meet with peers in the industry and to meet new and revisit with known stitchers from before. And yes I got to see blooming cherry trees and tulips and daffodils again! I stayed an extra day in Nashau and went shopping.... and had a wonderful long swim in the pool. This was great as I knew that coming home there would be piles of everything to deal with, so it gave me calm before the storm.

Returning to Calgary I got to see tulips and daffodils again, but no magnolias they don't grow here, but we do have lovely flowering almond bushes and flowering plum trees....which I did get to enjoy.....so, see how many weeks of spring is that! I am working on many different pieces, and of course for events above. I am releasing Spring Stitches in the next week or so and am putting the finishing editing on Summer Stitches - so it will soon follow.

As I am working on new pieces, I have wonderful memories of of the past events and look forward to meeting you again soon or meeting you for the first time. We are so lucky to enjoy such a fun hobby!

As ever, keep stitching Jeannette