July already!


How did it get to be July already! With the full travel year I have I knew I had to 'hunker' down and get things done in June and I did, yay! The weather helped, it rained alot in June and so then you end by default not really wanting to be outside except to walk the dog etc.... But those mighty rains combined with snow pack melt, made for a very messy disaster here in Calgary  and thankfully we live on higher ground and don't work downtown! But so sad to see the devastation but so heartening to see the community working for each other. I am adding into the Gallery some new finishes by Barbara Thomas, she did the Isle of Hope Sampler with some wonderful additions - like adding the names  her ancestors who immigrated - love that idea and where they came from. Fabulous! She also did the Accessories for Isle of Hope and beyond belief delightful little sweet suitcase she did find!! It is such a joy to see the fun she had in putting this together, it looks terrific, the keys and everything! And lastly she also did an amazing job on the Four Seasons Smalls and did some little changes there also which look great. Thank you so very much for sharing Barbara! and after meeting you at Needle In a Haystack in CA this spring, it means even more to me, thank you.

I am working on some new things - hopefully we'll have some to release in Sept. but mostly I have to admit I have been working madly on all the class stuff for this year.... going to be fun to share those wonderful new patterns with you, that's the exciting part for me, love the events where we meet and share. In a week I am off to Sturbridge, MA  already, it has come up so quick. Looking forward to our patriotic sampler and a few little patriotic surprises!! Should be fun.

Warmly, jeannette