January update

I can breathe a sigh of relief, all patterns are at the printers! yay! It always feels like a big load is done! Well and I suppose it is. We have 9 new items for the Nashville Needlework Market. I had worried in the fall that because of my 2 surgeries last year I wouldn't have anything....! well. This is good. So do check back because now I have to load everything and sort it out, the photo covers are done too so we should have pictures soon. I have a link here for you to see My Stitching Album by Ann McDonald on black. How cool is that! Remember send me a link of yours and I will try my best to post it if you like.

Check out The Caron Collection website for a designer profile on myself and an online project to enjoy. How lucky we are to have wonderful hand-dyed silk threads for our use.