Happy Canada Day!


I wanted to sneak this post in for June, I missed May completely and June has been frantic. Thank you for your great support of the Patriotic Sampler - American Style, it was so fun to do, the three colours just look grand together. And seeing as we are just a few days away from our own Celebration of Canada Day I thought I should say that I am working right now on a Canada Sampler- either to be called 'True North Free' or 'Home and Native Land' or something like that. It will be released at EAC Seminar next year -right here in Calgary. Thank you to all who made Celebration of Needlework in New Hampshire, such a success. It was loads of work but so very rewarding. Our Bird box class was jammed and I appreciated everyone accommodating the larger number. The sweet little Celebrate piece has such happy colours - I used  Poppy from Garden Cottage Threads in Australia, it makes the class happy to work on it.The booth turned out well with help from Karen Kubla - Rosewood Manor who lent me some hooks for hanging. And it was enjoyable to have Tracy Horner from Ink Circles, and Liz Westlake across from me - we had some good laughs. It was awesome to meet Beth Seal from Summer House stitche workes  and Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle.  Pam Reed from Olde Colonial Designs does a great job holding  this event. I must say my first day in Montreal I was not moving very fast, thank goodness my friend has figured me out and knows I am recuperating.... <grin> I am working steadily away on my lessons in Italian whitework and schalwm. It is going well, but I have come to realize that I like things to go fast..... and while that is fine on regular cross stitch, it is not so much on counting and cutting...... and cutting! But I am becoming more patient and learning to be more tidy...... From Montreal I was off to see family in southern Ontario and as always there is not enough time to fit all those fun things in. But I did get some 'croquetten' to eat, which I love.

Once I was home it was boxes piled in my office of the new Patriotic piece and off we were shipping and filling orders, and then it was the end of June just like that!

Thank you to the Edmonton Needlecraft Guild for hosting a lovely evening, we had some great potluck dishes at the supper and then show and tell and I did a little presentation. I think we all enjoyed ourselves immensely,  my drive up to Edmonton was just beautiful and I got a breakfast with my daughter out on a patio the next morning so it was indeed a treat.

I am also working on all our NEW stuff for the St. Charles fall needlecraft market. I have never done the fall market as it always seemed to fall when I was doing fall classes but seeing as how it is in August this year, I am going! Look for the new fall and Christmas pieces to come. We will be doing an exclusive piece for the market that shop owners who come to the market will be able to have for 1 month prior to other shops. A special thanks to those that attend.

It is a funny long weekend here as Canada Day falls on Tuesday July 1 - so lots of people are extending it by adding in the Monday and having a nice 4 day- enjoy everyone! And to the stitchers that celebrate July 4 may you have a lovely long weekend the following weekend and may both our countries continue to enjoy our peaceful border.

Cheers, jeannette