February/March 2006

Well, it is the New Year, and I suspect an exciting year it will be.

First, my apologies to shops for not going to Nashville, I had to cancel as I just felt that I had made commitments to being at events that I needed to get in control of, and I wouldn't have enough new patterns to warrant going. It is with regret that is so but my stress level has diminished immeasurably by doing so. I actually cancelled last fall already when I saw how tight the spring was going to be. I am grateful for the event opportunities and I do hope that I can go next year again. I loved going last year and will be sorry to miss it.

The new release is 'The Sunshine State Sampler' the 3rd in the American Journey Series. It will be posted on the New Releases page. It was a delight to go to Kissimmeee, FL with www.stitchershideaway.com and meet some wonderful Floridians. I loved my time there and this sampler gives me great memories of a terrific visit, hurricane inclusive!

I am working on Spring Stitches, the mate to the Autumn Stitches that was released in the Just Cross Stitch October Issue and Winter Stitches released in November, but it is just not done yet as I was focused on getting class materials done. And I suppose when you read the event schedule below you will see why I am bit behind!! Some of these will be strictly event pieces and others will be released when contracts are fulfilled.

April 1,2/2006 at Acorns and Threads, Portland OR- the piece promises to be a delightful mix of acorn design theme plus the thread portion is depicted by use of varying kinds of threads. Please see www.acornsandthreads.com

April 21,22/2006 at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch, Clifton NJ - this band sampler style piece will be a wonderful mix of  2 impressive states - New York and New Jersey.  I had hoped to include Pennsylvania but it certainly would have been a blanket sized sampler of immense proportion to try and do the Tri-state area together. Please see www.wvas.net

April 27, 28/2006 for the Lakeshore Creative Stitchery Guild, Point-Claire, Quebec -with a band sampler style piece - a place sampler called 'Montreal - La Belle Ville.' Please email Julia Sinclair:  stitchergirlca@yahoo.ca

May 4-7/2006 for Celebration of Needlework 2006 in Nashua, NH. It is America's oldest continuously running needleart show. I have 3 events booked. Please see www.celebrationofnw.com For a good picture of these pieces please new releases page and scroll down to where they are labeled.

October 12,13/2006 at Salty Yarns in Ocean City MD - this is a place, band style sampler and it will be fun with a real ocean flair. Please see www.saltyyarns.com

October 20,21 and October 27,28 I will be in Hamilton at Golden Threads -  www.gthreads.com with a band style place sampler for Hamilton and in the Niagara area for the  Niagara Peninsula Needle Arts Guild  with a Grape Sampler. I must check which weekend is which...

As you can see it is full speed ahead. I do hope that you are able to see me at one of these places and that I can reconnect with you or meet you for the first time, I am sure we will both be delighted, to have a weekend of stitching, who wouldn't like that!

Just a little reminder Victoria City Sampler is available for general release, any of the Canadian cities is available to shops or stitchers who wish to order it. It has an embellishment pkg. available.

As ever, keep stitching,          Jeannette