February 2012


I am pretty sure I posted in January, where that post went I am not entirley sure! Weird! But then the website has had it's issues. We are rehauling it in the next couple of months, so look for changes to come.I also wanted to update you on the new and upcoming for the Nashville Needlework Market. I will try to post here but may have troubles so I think I will try to post it on facebook a first for me. I know I should use it more and I should make a JDD facebook page not just a 'me' page.... but it just always seems that the projects and events that I am part take precedence and there is not much time left over for sorting that all out. But it is a thing I must do. I have 7 new patterns for release and if you are going to the Nashville Needlework Market then also 2 Nashville only specials. I am excited to show you,so check back soon. in stitching, jeannette